LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct.11--8am hour

Tribal ads SeaTimes  PIXLR.jpg
Competing ads were placed by two different Indigenous peoples groups in the Seattle Times last week. KVI's John Carlson evaluates why the two groups are in dispute about who should and should not receive federal tribal designation. The ads pit one of the smallest groups against three of the biggest and most financially powerful in central Puget Sound.{ } (photo: KVI Staff).{ }

8am hour -- DEVELOPING: a King Co. politician begins the pushback on vaccine mandates reducing police/deputy staffing in the aftermath of 6 days of state ferry cancellations, preserving public safety over vaccine mandates, actor William Shatner will have to wait a little bit longer to launch into space with Blue Origin, San Francisco is easing mask restrictions as COVID cases keep dropping but apparently Seattle public health officials have no inclination to do so, the Biden Administration's feeble answer to why supply chain problems keep continuing, would supply chain problems be this bad if Trump managed to win the election for a 2nd term?, two groups of Seattle indigenous people--on Indigenous Peoples Day--are in deep disagreement about who should be called a "tribe".

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