LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct.13--8am hour

NTK campaign yard sign PIX.jpg
A campaign yard sign for Seattle City Attorney candidate, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- (90-year-old) William Shatner has landed back on earth after 10-minute Blue Origin launch into the stratosphere, the bankruptcy history of a candidate for Seattle City Attorney, the candidate's affiliation with a pro-communist lawyer's guild, GUEST: KVI's Ari Hoffman (who broke the bankruptcy story) joins the show to talk about the implications on the personal finances for someone who wants to run a $35 million city office, Seattle Police rescue driver from burning car who crashed after speeding away from a traffic stop, so why aren't Seattle's typical police critics praising these officers for saving the dangerous driver?, Seattle Police preparing today to shift all detectives and investigators to patrol shifts due to shortages from vaxx mandate requirements, GUEST: publisher Peter Norton talks to KVI about new book of illustrated Beatles song lyrics, the book includes a photo of the first time Paul McCartney met Linda, how "Nowhere Man" changed the trajectory of the Beatles career, the vulnerable lyrics from "Help" improved McCartney's song writing.

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