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Katie Couric movie press junkett.jpg
Katie Couric has admitted in her new book that she selectively edited the comments from a video interview with US Supreme Court associate justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to alter what Ginsburg said about athletes taking a knee in protest during the US national anthem. (Photo by Christopher Smith/Invision/AP from 2016))

7am hour -- drug use and drug over-dose deaths hitting all time highs and it shows how leniency toward drugs has backfired with homeless/addiction/crime problems in Seattle and other major cities, unvaccinated firefighters in Redmond WA warn city council of longer response times to emergencies and fires because of fired workers due to the vaxx mandate, will 'cancel culture' kill the Rolling Stones song "Brown Sugar"?. if the Asian Giant Hornet story wasn't bad enough get a load of this warning about an invasive Asian mosquito, GUEST: Sharyl Attiksson examines the revelation that veteran news anchor/reporter Katie Couric selectively edited an interview about National Anthem protests involving a sitting US Supreme Court justice.

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