LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct.4--8am hour

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KVI's John Carlson digs into a reporter's view point of Seattle homeless issues on this hour of the show with former KOMO 4 reporter, Matt Markovich. (AP File Photo: Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times via AP)

8am hour -- stats show a 62% increase in murder of Black Americans as the George Floyd 'defund police' and Black Lives Matter protests expanded in mid-2020 to today, as Democrats complain about systemic racism and cutting back on policing it appears that the victims of crime/shootings are more frequently Black Americans, rape is the one crime currently trending lower but rape of Black women is increasing slightly, Gov. Inslee goes full messiah complex during a TVW interview, GUEST: veteran TV news reporter, Matt Markovich, is leaving KOMO 4 after his contract ended, Markovich talks about his homeless (political policy) reporting and how elections have consequences on shoddy policy, today Seattle City Council is expected to legalize LSD, Markovich believes there are three types of people living in Seattle's homeless tents/RVs, Markovich notes a homeless man in south Seattle who has family living in Bonney Lake but his drug addiction keeps him on the street, why the homeless gathering at I-5 and Dearborn Ave in Seattle is the most drug infested in the city, what he would suggest Seattle politicians do to fix/solve homeless problems.

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