LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct.6--6am hour

An obituary placed by the family of Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, says the Seattle woman received the J & J vaccine on Aug. 26 and died Sept. 7. According to her family,{ } she was exceptionally healthy when she received the vaccine but developed a rare blood clot and died. KVI's John Carlson examines how the Seattle/King County vaccine mandate essentially forced Berg Wilson to take a vaccination that she was worried about receiving.{ } (photo: Wilson family via KOMO News)

6am hour -- a local story that should be getting national news coverage, ESPN disciplines anchor who criticized company's vaccine mandate, boxer Mike Tyson "beaten in to submission" to get COVID vaccine, new evidence seems to confirm 1970s Zodiac Killer serial murder suspect died three years ago, "drifting" event promoter charged with accessory to manslaughter after two women killed by car in Auburn WA, KVI's Lars Larson tackles the vague response by public health officials about a Seattle woman who died after receiving J&J COVID vaccine.

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