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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., pictured here in an AP file photo at the White House in July 2021, has refused to sign a letter with fellow Senators condemning a recent confrontation in a women's restroom where activists video recorded Sen. Kyrsten Sinema D-AZ. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

7am hour -- Oregon Pop Warner coaches and players complain about player that's too big and too good, a KVI caller sounds off on the complaint, WA wheat crop the smallest in 50+ years, good news story: a 1st grader's school picture turns into a GoFund me effort that has raised over $38,000 for the boy's college fund, Sweden suspends Moderna COVID vaxx for people under 30 due to side effects, US Senators agree to condemn activist group that recorded Krysten Sinema in the women's bathroom but one socialist Senator refuses to sign the letter.

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