LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Oct.8--6am hour

The Washington Fire Marshall, Charles LeBlanc,{ } says his doctor recommended he not get vaccinated because of his medical history of bad reactions to vaccines, claiming it would be dangerous. “And so I’m choosing not play Russian Roulette with my life,” said LeBlanc. ”And move on and enjoy my family.” (photo: KOMO News)

6am hour -- listen to an un-vaccinated NBA player explain how he's being segregated from his vaccinated teammates, the WA State Fire Marshall is told by doctor not to get vaccine but he's not receiving a new job assignment by Gov. Inslee administration, UW epidemiologist now says 85% vaccination rate for herd immunity instead of the previously declared 70% mark, a variety of retired WA judges make a key endorsement in election contest for Seattle City Attorney (note that presiding judges are not ethically allowed to make political endorsements), KVI's Lars Larson says Pres. Biden's foot keeps pushing the brake on the US economy, a question that any reporter should ask Gov. Jay Inslee about Taiwan and China.

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