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ferry problems credit KOMO News.jpg
Today is the third day in a row that Washington State Ferries have substantially cancelled sailings due to staff shortages. So if the boats don't run, KVI asks the key question: where does the money go that was allocated to pay for that government service?(photo credit KOMO News).

7am hour -- GUEST: Yakima emergency room Dr. Raul Garcia M.D., speaks about the news regarding the Merck pill to battle COVID, why education about the COVID-19 virus keeps getting overlooked by public health officials in lieu of mandates, the reax to WA State Fire Marshall's medical exemption, respecting freedom with education to empower people's own decisions; its Day 3 of canceled ferry sailings (30 cancellations yesterday alone and more coming today) so will there be a rebate for paid passengers or taxpayers?

The fickle backlash to a campaign flyer/mailer involving a conservative leaning King County Councilmember, its another case of Democrats crying "racist" to stifle their political opponents without arguing the issues at hand, the KC Councilmember has been in office for two decades and has never had accusations of racism before, GUEST: economist, Steve Moore, tackles this morning's disappointing jobs report, why Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is a more reliable bulwark against free spending Democrats than Sen. Joe Manchin.

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