LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept. 15--6am hour

A canceled Washington ferry sailing this morning from Southworth is another example of the logistical problems connected to Gov. Jay Inslee's vaccine requirement for state employees, according to KVI's John Carlson . (file photo: KOMO News){ }

6am hour -- another canceled ferry sailing this morning shows the fragility of Gov. Jay Inslee's vaccine mandate policy, next hour KVI will interview an attorney suing Inslee to stop his vaxx mandate, one of the plaintiffs is a pregnant woman who was advised by her doctor to NOT get the vaccination, what Biden should do if he wants to get more people vaccinated, Democrats spent a lot (A LOT!) of money to keep Gavin Newsome around as CA governor, Seattle homeless fires happening on average 3X a day and the latest one shutdown a lane of traffic on I-5, , Seattle criminals openly defiant scoffing at business owners who call police, a Pramila Jayapal update!, the new book alleging that the highest ranking military official (Gen. Mark Milley) during Trump Administration was warning Chinese military about potential Trump attack orders.

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