LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.1--6am hour

Bill Maher real time generic AP.jpg
HBO host, Bill Maher, uses the last two weeks of chaos and upheaval in Afghanistan to provide a teaching moment to rabid 'woke' students and their teachers in the U.S. (file photo: Associated Press)

6am hour -- not a lot of confidence in the Biden Administration after the last two weeks of chaos and uncertainty in Afghanistan, why US military had to resort to something called Taskforce: Pineapple in the final days and hours in Afghanistan, the taskforce is credited with saving at least 500 people, the cryptic news of the first child death from COVID at Seattle's Children's Hospital, the bitter irony of a public school teacher posting on Tik Tok that the American flag makes her feel uncomfortable and bragging about pledging allegiance to the Pride flag , the teacher's school district now says they're investigating her for another Tik Tok video as well, a teaching moment for 'woke' students/faculty after the Taliban tortures and kills a comic who posted satirical videos online, TX law limiting abortions goes into effect today.

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