LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.10--8am hour

ESPN sideline reporter, Allison Williams (no, not the actress daughter of MSNBC host Brian Williams), has stepped down from her job because of her decision against taking the COVID-19 vaccine,. KVI's John Carlson explores the medical reason(s) Williams said prevented her from receiving the vaccine. (photo: ABC News via ESPN)

8am hour -- Pres.-elect Biden's December 2020 comments about vaxx and mask mandates have been completely forgotten by the now President, an ESPN reporter considering her fertility health decides against the vaccine that is mandated by her employer, solar power promises by Democrats, GUEST: KVI host of US Phenomenon, Maria Magana, airs a September 11th special show tomorrow night at 10 on KVI, listening to some of the voices and survivor stories from September 11th, 2001; GUEST: Milton WA resident, Jack Chandler, helped design Sept. 11th memorial being dedicated tomorrow at the city's Triangle Park.

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