LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.13--7am hour

The Seattle Mariners and their fans will have to abide by Gov. Inslee's new statewide mask mandate that goes into effect today, Sept. 13, 2021, for any gathering of more than 500 people, even if the attendees are fully vaccinated. (AP file photo)

7am hour -- GUEST: Dr. Raul Garcia M.D. tells KVI why the 10th Amendment still applies to Pres. Biden when it comes to his vaxx requirement on private employers, stats show that COVID hospitalizations are plateauing in some locations right now, where Gov. Inslee's outdoor mask requirement (starting today) for gatherings over 500 people misses the mark, Olympia PD still looking for suspected shooter who wounded a Proud Boy last week after an Anti-fa confrontation, the battle over red, white and blue football uniforms to remember Sept. 11th at one King County high school, how the school administration blocked an idea by students to honor victims and heroes on Sept. 11th, a KVI caller sounds off on possible lawsuits against Portland for the endless rioting and crime the city leaders continue to allow.

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