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A scandal may be brewing involving the office work conditions and employee morale of U.S.{ } Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash. A new report from the website BuzzFeed details the acrimony of 14 former Jayapal staffers who say she doesn't practice what she preaches when it comes to workers rights.{ } KVI's John Carlson examines the extensive report posted by BuzzFeed. (AP File Photo: Mandel Ngan)

7am hour -- the bizarre shooting that turned into a fatal car crash in Auburn WA, Gov. Inslee sued by his own employees over the governor's vaccine mandate for all state workers, how Inslee's allowance for worker exemptions is a hollow gesture, compare Inslee's Constitutionally questionable vaxx mandate to how Florida's governor is handling possible (city or county) vaccine mandates, Seattle Congresswoman accused of dysfunctional & miserable office work place, is Jayapal a tyrant to work for or are her staffers too sensitive and snowflake sensitive?, one Jayapal officer worker confesses to taking a pay cut for next job to avoid working for her, a KVI caller cites the 2019 dust-up Jayapal had during a committee hearing on border security.

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