LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.15--8am hour

Smoke obscures a Washington State Ferry sailing along Elliott Bay in front of the Space Needle and the Seattle Waterfront as seen from West Seattle on Sept. 12, 2020. (Photo via KOMO News: David Rosen / SlickPix Photography)

8am hour -- rain still can't dispatch all the smoke over Puget Sound, Gov. Jay Inslee getting a free pass from local news media about "climate fires" claims, so KVI will continue to spotlight Inslee's bogus claims, the protection of Inslee is connected to the Presidential election, BLM protesters in Lancaster PA lash out at a police building after an officer shoots and kills a man armed with a knife rushing at officers, the knife holding man has a history of mental illness, the media portrayal of the body cam video ignites another riot.

GUEST: KOMO's Patrick Quinn talks to Seattle business owners who are requesting Seattle City Council and mayor get serious about crime and homeless problems, lastly Kamala Harris's slip of the tounge is unintentionally funny.

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