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FILE - Norm Macdonald hosts the Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on March 13, 2016. Macdonald, a comedian and former cast member on "Saturday Night Live," died Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021, after a nine-year battle with cancer that he kept private, according to Brillstein Entertainment Partners, his management firm in Los Angeles. He was 61. (Peter Power/The Canadian Press via AP, File)

8am hour -- comic Norm MacDonald died yesterday at 61 from a reportedly a 9-year cancer fight which he managed to keep private, MacDonald's SNL fame involved Presidential candidate/Senator Bob Dole impersonations and relentless OJ Simpson jokes, we listen to clips of some OJ Simpson punchlines delivered by MacDonald in the 1990s, a Pramila Jayapal update about her underlings saying she's a horrible person to work for, Jayapal's defense is people are being racists and sexist toward her because she's a woman of color, a 15 year old girl will be charged as a juvenile for hitting and killing a Maple Valley jogger while driving a car, the teen allegedly drove at 50 mph when she intentionally hit the man jogging, the evidence (in the charging documents) that the King Co. Prosecutor should use to charge this 15 year old as an adult instead of as a juvenile, making sense out of sensationalistic new Bob Woodward book alleging the highest ranking White House military officer directly undermined Pres. Trump regarding China, why Carlson says Woodward's track record with honesty/accuracy is shaky, but if true why its "stepping right on the line of treason".

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