LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.17--8am hour

Elected officials in the city of Winlock, WA are suggesting that the decisions Gov. Jay Inslee has made regarding COVID-19 pandemic amount to narcissism.{ } Mayor Brandon Svenson speaks to KVI's John Carlson about the personality disorder concerns he has of Gov. Inslee. (file photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: Winlock WA mayor, Brandon Svenson, tells KVI about the proclamation he just signed urging a mental health evaluation of Gov. Inslee over his COVID pandemic decisions, Svenson points to the lack of empathy Inslee has toward small business owners hurt by his restrictions, Svenson adds the narcissistic Inslee comment about winning the Super Bowl of COVID, Inslee's COVID decisions meet a variety of narcissistic personality disorder criteria; political opponent calls WA Congressman-- Derek Kilmer--a "Chevron Democrat", Seattle paralysis on how to handle homeless issues underscored by a "double decker" RV in Ballard, the Ballard homeless man is industrious enough to get the materials and build this but seemingly can't be bothered to work a job like ordinary folk, a formerly homeless and meth addicted WA man says housing isn't what he needed to get clean or back on his feet, the man is now 4+years sober and gainfully employed.

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