LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.2--8am hour

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KVI's John Carlson covers local stories this hour of the show including a WA Congressional race heating up, the hyperbolic comments about Republicans by the WA Insurance Commissioner, Pierce County's mask mandate--even outdoors--at the Puyallup Fair and Bellevue School District still undecided about cops on campus known as SROs. (photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- more reaction to Supreme Court decision upholding new TX law on abortion restrictions, Trump endorses a WA Congressional candidate running against a Republican who voted to impeach him, how this WA Congressional race will now be launched in to the national spotlight, Amazon plans on hiring 40,000 new workers with more than 12,000 jobs in Seattle, WA Insurance Commissioner uses his government website to compare Texas Republicans to Taliban, replay Dr. Garcia, Bellevue Schools still haven't figured out a plan for police on campus as SROs (student resource officers), the transparency problems with how Bellevue schools quietly ended the SROs amid the George Floyd police excessive force protests.

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