LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.21--7am hour

Guns and criminal justice are the focus of this hour's John Carlson show as he interviews a 24-year-old Seattle man who has decided to arm himself with a gun because he's been assaulted and attacked so many times the last two years. (photo: SBG)

7am hour -- why vaccine mandates haven't delivered what the politicians pushing them have hoped, the 911 caller in Moab UT says he saw Brian Laundrie hit/slap Gabby Petito before her disappearance (and presumed murder), Laundrie is still missing in Florida, the 61 yr old man who video recorded the Rodney King beating by LA police has died of COVID complications, GUEST: Seattle resident, Wyatt, is 24 years old and deciding to arm himself with a gun and conceal carry permit because of the city crime and public safety problems from homeless in north Seattle, Wyatt says the last 2 years in Seattle have gotten decidedly worse for criminal encounters where he works in Ballard, Wyatt says most criminals aren't looking for a fight--just a victim, says Seattle is enabling homeless/criminal problems.

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