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FEDERAL WAY, Wash. — Growing gun violence fueled by drugs has city leaders calling for a bigger and better equipped police department. The proposed expansion of the force came just hours after the latest shooting at a motel with a history of trouble. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- Federal Way mayor vows to hire more police after three shootings in three weeks, a Democratic State Senator will step down to)take a new job with State Corrections , this Democratic State Senator goes to Dept. of Corrections with a track record of trying to water down sentences for convicted criminals, singer Sarah Dash dies at age 76--you don't know her name but you know her songs including the '70s hit Lady Marmalade, GUEST: former Republican State Senator, Joe Fain, talks to KVI about the committee to re-draw Congressional redistricting in WA after the census population data, Fain says the key question becomes how many competitive districts will Washington have?

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