LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.27--8am hour

A sample petition for I-1436 seeking signatures to force changes to Washington Gov. Jay Inslee's mandate for all workers to pay for Long Term Care insurance. (photo: I-1436 campaign).{ }

8am hour -- KVI Free Monday Monday ($500 contest keyword), HBO host Bill Maher shows how "woke" politics just bring society back around to Jim Crow era "separate but equal" racism of the mid-20th century, Maher says it all starts with the NFL playing two national anthems at ball games this year, Seattle pro-homeless (or anti-capitalist, depending on how you look at it) supporters condemn what a car dealership did to discourage homeless RVs and cars from parking next to their business, Washington health officials are begging recently retired nurses and health workers to come back to the job, more reasons to oppose Gov. Inslee's convoluted Long Term Care insurance tax on all Washington workers, a music bumper prompts on unintended discussion about the Netflix show "Cobra Kai".

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