LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.30--8am hour

Washington Governor, Jay Inslee (left) and Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, show giddiness in this AP file photo. KVI's John Carlson has a question for the top elected Democrats in Washington regarding the two candidates running for Seattle City Attorney.{ }

8am hour -- Seattle candidate for mayor says one of the most economically illiterate things possible. Carlson's suggestion to placate the envious ends of this Seattle political candidate, where are Gov. Jay Inslee and AG Bob Ferguson regarding Democrats endorsement of police abolition supporter running for Seattle City Attorney?, Biden inflation is so bad that Dollar Tree Store now has to stock items that cost more than $1, the three most consequential elections coming up in the November election, clarifying what constitutes 'over-run hospital capacity' in Washington, a Yakima medical doctor's insight on vaccine boosters for age 65 and up.

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