LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.7--8am hour

Puyallup Fair roller coaster KVI.jpg
KVI callers talk to John Carlson about their experience at the opening weekend of The Washington State Fair in Puyallup regarding the outdoor mask requirement even for vaccinated people. (photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- A pregnant Afghan-American woman from CA is still stuck in Afghanistan after returning their earlier this year to marry her fiance, the Afghanistan/Taliban crisis is fueling a 14% drop in Pres. Biden's public approval rating the last 3 months, the 14% drop is giving Republicans momentum for 2022 and 2024 (Presidential) elections, Biden announces he'll campaign in CA for Gov. Gavin Newsome election recall vote on Sept. 14th, KVI callers share their recent experience at the Puyallup Fair (ok, Washington State Fair) about the outdoor mask requirement (even for vaccinated people), KVI callers add their concerns about mask mandates at fitness gyms.

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