LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.8--8am hour

KVI's John Carlson examines the response by a group called One Washington to the state employee vaccine mandate imposed by Gov. Jay Inslee. (file photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- GUEST: St. Rep. Jesse Young (R-Gig Harbor) talks to KVI about potential religious exemptions to the Gov. Inslee vaccine mandate, Young works with a group called One Washington, Gov. Inslee's miscalculation on vaccine mandates, why are so many Christians resistant to receiving the COVID vaccination?

A response to the trending hashtag "TaxTheChurches", GUEST: Olympia City Council candidate, Candy Mercer, provides more examples of political intimidation by the far left in Olympia, the intimidation comes from Anti-fa supporters (and the call to torment is happening on Twitter and Instagram), incrementalism toward the dissolution of property rights by Anti-fa supporters, the utter absence of news media coverage of a shooting and wounding at the Olympia transit center, how Anti-fa have clearly become the fascists; Pres. Biden declares a code red on climate change which induces numerous punchlines from the KVI crew.

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