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DeSantis monoclonal Aug 2021 AP.jpg
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis talks about a free monoclonal antibody treatment site opening at the Havert L. Fenn Center and at several others across the state during a news conference at the Fenn Center on Monday, Aug. 23, 2021, in Fort Pierce. "The monoclonal antibody treatments are free of charge to the patients, whatever they cost the federal government paid for that a long time ago, so if you're somebody that qualifies, and can benefit by that, you come in and you're not going to be charged for it," DeSantis said. (AP File/ ERIC HASERT)

6am hour -- the news media ignoring COVID treatment strategies to uplift attention on vaccinations, 16,000 signatures are submitted to recall Seattle's Kshama Sawant, how political bullying has crippled Seattle politics, GUEST: Yakima E.R. doctor, Raul Garcia M.D., says FDA approval of monoclonal antibody (used to treat Pres. Trump last fall) is valuable for early treatment (of unvaccinated, says his colleagues support monoclonal antibody treatment but not every hospital has it, how news media have skewed or ignored the coverage of monoclonal antibodies, why ivermectin only works in some situations, video sent to KVI's Lars Larson shows Vancouver WA police issuing a ticket for a mask violation at a grocery store (while homeless encampments abusing drugs go unchecked).

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