LISTEN: John Carlson Show, Sept.9--8am hour

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What 21st Century talk radio show would be complete without a segment discussing climate change? Certainly not this one. Pictured here, a banner in Seattle declares the planet "is on fire" due to climate change. (File photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- GUEST: Republican candidate for Congress in SW Washington, Joe Kent, talks to KVI about the national news his local campaign has been receiving, Kent says he never envisioned running for political office until the COVID pandemic lockdowns and what he says was collusion to alter the 2020 Presidential election, Kent grew up in the Portland area and now lives near Mt. St. Helens (because he's not interested in raising two children in Portland), how the Democrats' 2nd impeachment of Trump played into Kent's candidacy.

A white woman in a gorilla mask tries to hit a Black political candidate with an egg while campaigning in Los Angeles,

UW's Cliff Mass responds to "code red" climate change comments by Pres. Biden, Mass says there's "no tipping point" or existential threat of climate change, Mass says technology will do the most to address and curb climate impacts with "enormous advances" by the end of the century.

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