PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." June30, 2020

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By clicking the image above you are fully authorized to hear the KVI John Carlson interview with candidate for Washington governor, Loren Culp, a small town police chief running for the biggest elected office in the state. (photo: KVI Staff)

GUEST: Police Chief of Republic WA, Loren Culp, didn't expect to run for governor, but he outlines the Seattle-centric political events that drew him into the race, the major issue that fueled his candidacy decision was I-1639, he grew up on the NE Washington peninsula, served in the military and moved to Olympia WA after active duty, his wife brought him to his current post in Republic WA, his police work in narcotics gives him background to address Seattle's homeless drug addiction fiasco.

If he were governor right now how would he handle the virus pandemic and Seattle CHOP?, why the National Guard could solve Seattle's CHOP crisis, Culp believes the George Floyd killing was murder and that officers aren't trained to use any such technique on a suspect's neck, how he answers the Trump question, why gov't should serve the people not the other way around, career politicians vs. citizen politicians, $30 billion budget when Inslee started now its almost $60 billion but what has materially improved across the state?

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