PODCAST: John Carlson's "And Another Thing..." June9, 2020

Protesters rearrange barriers on the sidewalk near the Seattle Police East Precinct. (photo: KOMO News)

GUEST: Seattle Police Officers Guild president, Mike Solan, talks about the East Precinct barricade removal yesterday and how that relates to the on-going protests demanding justice for George Floyd (and now defunding police), says he's "disappointed" and yesterday was a "difficult day", "disgusting" what happened to George Floyd and tragic, why criminal agitators have influenced the Seattle protests, the agitators are small but have clear intent to harm officers, why aren't the protesters utilizing nearby Cal Anderson Park instead of the streets by the precinct?, Solan lists the injuries city officers have endured during the 11 days of protests, the role of police officer body cams, why the latest Seattle protests don't compare to WTO in 1999, the plan Seattle Police officers (not administration) have presented to help build trust and equity with the community, a way to bring about change in crime prone South Seattle, the plan is titled The Emerald Protection Plan, what Seattle might look like if the city police department is defunded by the politicians.

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