LISTEN: Guest Host-Ari Hoffman, March 23--4pm hour

Classroom learning in Seattle public schools.

4pm topics: Schools reopening update: Plans for students in the Federal Way school district - Todd Beamer High School ranks worse than 87.1% of high schools in Washington - Charles Barkley is 'sick and tired' of student-athletes getting told 'free education is nothing' // GUEST: Woodinville business owner and author Julio Ortiz joins Ari to talk about his book Escape from Cuba: In Search of the American Dream // Antifa marched in Portland over the weekend but cleaned windows instead of breaking them- trying to make people for forget much? // Oregon college students ask court for refunds over online learning // No parades or fast passes at Disneyland after they reopen // Chicago suburb becomes first US city to pay reparations to black residents

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