LISTEN: Guest Host-Ari Hoffman, March 23--5pm hour

This March 20, 2021 photo provided by the Office of Congressman Henry Cuellar, (TX-28), shows detainees in a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) temporary overflow facility in Donna, Texas. President Joe Biden's administration faces mounting criticism for refusing to allow outside observers into facilities where it is detaining thousands of immigrant children. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Congressman Henry Cuellar via AP)

5pm topics: Let's get to know Marc Dones- the Consultant offered top job at new King County regional homelessness authority // The ridiculous amount of money that the City of Seattle spends on research and studies // Actor Mathew McConaughey is thinking about running for governor of Texas // Biden's border crisis update // Wacky new QAnon theory: Jews and China teaming up to takeover world! // Op -Ed: Dear White Liberals: Asians Aren’t Your Pawns // Good News Headlines

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