LISTEN: Kirby with Eileen Bjorkman


Kirby talks with Eileen Bjorkman about her new book- it's called "Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin: A Story of the U.S. Military's Commitment to Leave No One Behind".

Eileen A. Bjorkman is a retired United States Air Force officer, former military flight test engineer, civilian pilot, and author. As a flight test engineer in the Air Force, she flew more than seven hundred hours in the rear seat of twenty-five different types of military aircraft, primarily the F-4, F-16, C-130, and C-141. She has both M.S. and B.S. degrees in Aeronautical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology. She retired from the Air Force in 2010 as a colonel after nearly thirty years of active duty. She is currently the Executive Director at the Air Force Test Center at Edwards Air Force Base, California.

Bjorkman is a civilian pilot with 2,000 hours of pilot time. She holds the two highest certificates available to U.S. pilots, Airline Transport Pilot and Certificated Flight Instructor. She owns an aerobatic airplane, a Super Decathlon.

Bjorkman is the author of Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin: A Story of the U.S. Military’s Commitment to Leave No One Behind, published in September 2020 by Potomac Books. Her first book, The Propeller under the Bed: A Personal History of Homebuilt Aircraft, was released by the University of Washington Press in April 2017.

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