LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, April 27--4pm hour

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee.

4pm topics: Gov. Jay Inslee signs ban on Native American school mascots // The Puyallup tribe wants to change Mt. Rainier's name // Wildfire-fighting plane is shut down as fire season begins // Gov. Inslee signs eviction "right to counsel" bill // Will King Inslee lock us down again? // Michigan mask mandate now applies to children between ages 2 and 4... Why are we still wearing masks?! // GUEST: Alan Dershowitz, "America's Attorney", joined Ari to talk about his new book Case Against the New Censorship, give his thoughts on the Chauvin trial and discuss the legality of employers mandating vaccines for their employees // Miseducation of America: Parents in AZ aren't happy with the school board throwing a retirement party for the superintendent but canceling prom for the kids // Student body president of Virginia Commonwealth University has history of violent extremist, racist online posts

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