LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, April 28--4pm hour

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There’s a warning for the state's most populated county: get ready to move back to ‘Phase 2.’ (KOMO)

4pm topics: Many vaccination appointments unfilled as new clinic begins at Tacoma Dome // King County nearing rollback to Phase 2 of re-opening plan as COVID-19 cases surge- When will King Inslee announce this? // Seattle Kraken is changing the name of their bar and grill after being sued by a local bar already using the name // Miseducation of America: 7th grade Seattle area students assigned sexually explicit 'white privilege' slam poem to 'read and analyze', parents elect new school board to end mask mandate in AZ // GUEST: Gavin Hill, local 10th grader, joins Ari to discuss what it's like to be a conservative teenager in todays political environment // Rona Update: MSNBC host Joy Reid brags about wearing two masks while jogging outside after being fully vaccinated, a pill to treat COVID-19 could be available by end of year

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