LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, April 30--3pm hour

Police are searching for a shooter believed to have wounded a man Thursday evening inside his own RV. (KOMO)

3pm topics: Police: Man shot inside his own RV near Albert Davis Park // Severe illnesses, infections spreading rapidly through King County homeless camps // Interesting voicemail from a listener who disagrees with Ari's take on the homeless encampment near a school // Over 200 Seattle Police officers quit citing ‘anti-police’ city council and climate // GM announces $1 billion EV plant in Mexico one day after Biden said efforts to combat climate change would create jobs // Joy Behar says Tim Scott doesn’t understand what systemic racism means // GUEST: Attorney Jon Zimmerman joins Ari to discuss his client's multi-year legal battle with King County over her and her family's brown tabby cat Miska // The Woke Report: SNL offers cast members a 'safe space' if they're too triggered to perform with Elon Musk,

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