LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, August 20--3pm Hour

President Joe Biden says his administration is also committed to evacuating Afghans who assisted the United States during its 20-year war in Afghanistan. (Aug. 20)

3 PM Topics: Kamala Bragged She Was ‘Last Person In The Room’ When Biden Decided To Leave Afghanistan; Biden says there's 'no indication' that the Taliban are preventing Americans from escaping Afghanistan // The Seattle Way: Apparently the Broadview Thompson K-8 PTA president has no problem with the violent homeless encampment on campus, but is super concerned about masking up; Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan's office said this spring that 10 months of her missing text messages could be attributed to an unknown technology issue // The Swamp: GUEST: Emerald Robinson, White House Correspondent at Newsmax - she joins Ari to discuss Joe Biden's disastrous press conference about Afghanistan and how the press is still restricted access to the President // The Woke Report: 'Jeopardy!' host Mike Richards out from gig following past comments he made about women on a podcast; Twitter Users Dunk On Social Justice Warrior For Complaining About ‘White Woman’ Who Published Dumplings Cookbook

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