LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, July 2--3pm hour

Ubax Gardheere

3 PM Topics: Progressive King County Council candidate threatens to blow up school bus, calls children 'cowards' as they flee; The Lexi Harris memorial service yesterday included ordinary citizens who wanted to pay their respects to Harris, the politicians who did and didn't attend the memorial // Former Senator Claire McCaskill: "We're gonna start a new family tradition in my family. On the 4th of July and every 4th of July going forward, we're gonna watch that video the NY Times put together of January 6th; Liz Cheney named to January 6 select committee by Nancy Pelosi // The Swamp - GUEST: Steve Cortes, co-host of Cortes & Pellegrino on Newsmax // The Woke Report: What if the movie Independence Day happened today? And does that Budweiser ad diminish Bill Pullman's legacy?

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