LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, May 26 --3pm hour

Canadian and American flags at the U.S./Canada border.

3pm topics: Border between U.S. and Canada to re-opening June 22? // Seattle Police expected to lose 300 officers by the end of the month, 'that's a third of the agency' // GUEST: Aaron Katersky of ABC News joins Ari to preview his ABC Memorial Day special HONOR, HOPE and HEALING airing Monday, 5-9am and 3-6pm on KVI // The Swamp: Biden gives intelligence agencies 90 days to get more information on COVID origin, White House Deputy Press Secretary says statements on COVID origin will not be made until the completion of a new 90-day review // ‘Fake News’ CNN lost 70 percent of its viewers after not being able to focus on Trump all day // Chris Rock on cancel culture

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