LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, October 1--4pm Hour


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee takes part in an AP interview, Friday, Sept. 25, 2020, at the Governor’s Mansion in Olympia, Washington.

Ted S. Warren / AP

4 PM Topics: Inslee’s 'only person' comment about saving lives raises eyebrows; Washington state's minimum wage to rise in January, officials say; inflation is at a roaring 30 year high // The Left Coast: Gov. Newsom announces California first state to require COVID vaccinations for K-12 students and Ari talks about why his got the vaccine, despite already having the antibodies from getting covid // The Border: "As many as 400,000 migrants" are heading to the U.S. border, NBC News reports; Female service member reportedly assaulted by Afghan refugees at Fort Bliss // The Rona: Fauci shocked to find that people think he is an 'impediment to public health'

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