LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, October 11--3pm Hour

Passengers wait in line at the Southwest Airlines ticket counter at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Monday, Oct. 11, 2021. The Dallas-based airline canceled hundreds of flights Monday following a weekend of major service disruptions. (Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

3 PM Topics: Southwest Airlines canceled hundreds of more flights on Monday after a weekend filled with “operational challenges.”; Working-Class Americans Are Standing Up for Themselves—and the Left Is Denouncing Them | Opinion // The Seattle Way: Seattle's 72-hour parking rule begins next week after increase in abandoned vehicles; Nicole Thomas-Kennedy declared bankruptcy, lives in subsidized housing despite making $47/hr as public defender now wants to manage the $25 million budget for Seattle City Attorney - Maybe she should've spent less time w/ Antifa & her Satanist band and more time studying // The Swamp: Biden on shaky ground with fellow Democrats as poll numbers slide; Navy nuclear engineer's wife arrested for selling secrets appears to support BLM, 'resistance' movements // The Woke Report: Ari breaks down Columbus Day and why you might want to do some more research before you celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

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