LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, October 13--3pm Hour

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Abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy has been on the defensive over a series of Tweets she sent in 2020, before she launched her campaign for Seattle City Attorney.

3 PM Topics: Internet reacts to brutal new economic data: 'Not what the White House wants to see'; Biden: "I know you’re hearing a lot about something called supply chains and how hard it is to get a range of things from a toaster, to sneakers, to a bicycle, to bedroom furniture."; Fox News: "The average American family is paying an extra $175 per month" // The Seattle Way: Woman dies at Ballard Commons homeless encampment, problems persist at camp; A Seattle City Attorney candidate and her campaign manager face backlash for tweets // The Swamp: Joe Biden could get drawn into the FBI probe into his son Hunter; Reporter asks Psaki if the administration can guarantee that holiday packages will arrive on time // The Woke Report: Joy Behar says that black people shouldn't have vaccine hesitancy because 'the experiment has been done on white people'; Seattle school cancels Halloween parade because it 'marginalizes students of color'

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