LISTEN: Ari Hoffman Show, September 13--5pm Hour

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll wearing Nike Air Monarch sneakers during the season opening victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday

5 PM Topics: Unions are pushing back on Inslee's mandates - why is there no opt-out for those who have already had the virus? Desantis: "If you were really following science, you would acknowledge natural immunity."; Fauci backs vaccine mandates for domestic travel // The Miseducation of America: Student senator throws out American flags from 9/11 display at Washington University // George W. Bush compares domestic violent extremists to 9/11 terrorists // Good News Wrap-Up: Hollywood finally has its movie museum. Inside the dramatic journey and what’s at risk; The Seattle Seahawks dominated in their home opener, but the broadcast was not without controversy...about shoes?

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