Kirby and Carlson Podcast January 14, 2020

The weekly Kirby and Carlson Podcast includes some tough questions for Washington Republicans and the national media for allowing left-wing hyperbole that feeds Trump Derangement Syndrome (aka T.D.S.)

Kirby & Carlson: two future NFL stars at QB in last night's NCAA football final, the Republican brand still struggles as WA voters say they don't like current (Democratic) Gov. Jay Inslee, assessing the Trump effect on WA politics, Seattle's socialist city council woman Kshama Sawant is raising the stakes on her planned "anti-Amazon" tax, how Bellevue WA is positioned to gain if Sawant's "anti-Amazon" tax ever gets approved, what happened to all the dire predictions from the anti-Trump crowd about WWIII with Iran last week?, how European nations are now joining with the US to demand sanctions on Iran, the media's complicity in last week's WWIII hyperbole by the political left, the WWIII hyperbole was predicated on T.D.S. not any sincere political acumen.

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