Kirby and Carlson Podcast March 11, 2020


Michael Bloomberg was surprisingly popular with WA voters, with Bernie Sanders slipping out of contention to Joe Biden we're going to miss out on our head-to-head debate about socialism vs. capitalism (Sanders vs. Trump), so with Biden Vs. Trump its gonna devolve into Ukraine/Burisma/Hunter Biden and it will be vicious between them, one of Bernie's former Senate colleagues says his 2016 popularity wasn't so much about the popularity of socialism as it was about voters being anti-Hillary,

why likability is almost always a deciding factor above issues in American politics, Gov. Jay Inslee just officially announced his public gathering ban to slow Coronavirus spread, Kirby gives a nuanced answer to Inslee's push for a public gathering ban because he sees the importance of public health safety, Inslee's ban could be the death knell for several Seattle restaurants because three such restaurants closed earlier this week due to latest business downturn connected to Seattle's city council regulations ($15 min. wage, advanced scheduling, paid sick leave rules) and the Coronavirus slowdown, the Seattle Times recommends board games to play if you're Coronavirus quarantined and the suggestions are unintentionally funny, what Kirby and John think any federal stimulus intervention should look like to address Coronavirus.

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