Kirby and Carlson Podcast - Nov 5, 2019

KVI's morning and afternoon squad leaders, Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson, combine forces on another incisive podcast about election day issues and the possibility that homophobic prejudice may sway some Democratic primary voters away from South Bend, IN mayor, Pete Buttigieg.{ }

Kirby & Carlson Cast: some national election story lines to know for tonight and tomorrow including the fate of the only Democratic pro-life governor in America, how Virginia's elections today could be a bellwether for 2020 Presidential race, TX voters decided on the fate of an income tax, Colorado voters decide a 'taxpayer bill of rights', Meet The Press airs a 'man on the street' report about reaction to impeachment push against Trump, will the sad story of 9 Americans killed by alleged drug cartels in northern Mexico actually change anything with border security or drug war?, two Washington Nationals players lead the team's celebration at the White House, for all the talk about diversity there isn't a lot at the rallies for Warren or Sanders, are some South Carolina African-American voters homophobic about candidate Pete Buttigieg?

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