Kirby and Carlson Podcast November 6, 2019

KVI talk show hosts Kirby Wilbur (left) and John Carlson (right) provide their reaction to the big election issues and races across Washington, Snohomish County, Spokane, Seattle and the nation. Get their insight on what made a difference locally and nationally in a variety of the most significant election measures. (photo: KVI Staff)

Election returns round one is complete so let's dig in! There's a new road map for WA Republicans to use in future elections, Snohomish Co. Sheriff lost because he sounded like a social worker, not a cop, Seattle problems creeping in to the surrounding suburbs is being rejected in Snohomish County, what to make of the pending demise of the Seattle city council career of Kshama Sawant, Sawant's people skills likely ruined her re-election chances.

Spokane voters send a strong message to city leaders to avoid being like Seattle, compare the media coverage of KY's Republican more losing to GA's Democratic gubernatorial candidate losing, Virginia voters give Democrats control of state legislature but court-mandated redistricting impacted the latest vote, the national trend that should be a red flag for Trump/Republicans in 2020 election, $30 car tabs shows that relatable issues resonate with voters, how this year's R-88/I-1000 debate was vastly different from I-200 vote back in 1998, some way too early thoughts about how this election will impact local/WA election in 2020.

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